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About Reiki Therapy


Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is a method of channelling positive energy into the body to remove negative energy blockages which can cause disruptions in the body’s energy field.
Negative energy build up in the body can stem from emotional or past trauma and can manifest itself as stress, anxiety, pain, illness or disease. Reiki can be beneficial in alleviating some of the symptoms of these issues.
Reiki is by no means a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. A practitioner cannot diagnose illness, prescribe medication or advise medical treatments.
Above all reiki therapy sessions should leave you feeling relaxed, calm and at peace.

What happens during a Person Reiki treatment?
Reiki therapy involves a non-manipulative energy balancing treatment whereby the practitioner places hands on or above the fully clothed body to remove negative energy blocks.
Reiki treatments may take up to an hour; this includes an initial assessment and discussion of outcomes. Depending on these outcomes further treatments may be suggested, to be discussed after the treatment.  
During the treatment you may lay down or sit depending on how you feel most comfortable, there may be soothing music playing quietly but this can be switched off if not required. You will have access to blankets and cushions to ensure you are warm and comfortable. You will have access to water also.
Reiki often requires that hands are positioned on the body, if you are not comfortable with the hands on method please inform the practitioner prior to the session.
Clients often feel heat, tingling and digestive rumblings during a treatment; these are all normal signs that energy work is taking place. You may also feel heightened emotions, tiredness or increased energy. Above all you may feel calm and relaxed with a sense of peace and wellbeing. After the treatment you will be given time to come round and drink some water before we discuss the outcomes. 
After the treatment you must drink plenty of water and take some time to rest.

About Animal Reiki Therapy


Animal Reiki Therapy

I offer in person reiki therapy for both animals and people.
I have over 10 years experience working with a wide variety of animals from small furries and exotic mammals to reptiles and livestock.
Animals can benefit from reiki to help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and to help with pain management.
Reiki treatments can be beneficial to relieve anxiety associated with travelling and vets visits; it can also help the animal to deal with past traumas such as abuse or neglect. Reiki can help to alleviate suffering associated with pain, disease, illness and ultimately may be able to assist with a peaceful passing over.
Sessions can be carried out in person or distance if travelling o location is an issue.
Treatments do not have to involve hands on reiki if an animal is unsure of strangers, is showing signs of aggression, is too unwell to be moved or touched or needs to be contained in a holding cage.
If the practitioner believes the animal does not want the reiki therapy or is unsuitable, they have the right to refuse the treatment. 
Most animals tend to be willing receivers though may be a little wary at first; once they realise there is no danger they generally respond positively and will be more relaxed with each treatment. Some animals will actively seek it out and be fairly vocal and specific about where they would like to receive it!

What happens during an animal reiki treatment?
Reiki treatments may take up to an hour; this includes an initial assessment and discussion of outcomes. Depending on these outcomes further treatments may be suggested, to be discussed after the treatment.  The cost per treatment is £35. Payment plans can be discussed for further sessions if necessary.
During the treatment the animal will be given the opportunity to lie down, sit or move around. Depending on the animal and premises, it may be required for the animal to be secured in a suitable holding cage or crate for the treatments. There may be the opportunity for the animal to be removed from the enclosure to receive hands on reiki should it be safe to do so, although reiki will still work without hands on so it is not essential. There will be access to blankets, heat mats and cushions if necessary to provide warmth and comfort. The animal will have access to water also.
Reiki often requires that hands are positioned on the body, if there is a reason this method cannot be performed on the animal please inform the practitioner prior to the treatment.
The treatment may cause the animal to move around more as they adjust to the energy fluctuations, it may feel strange to them at first or they may refuse the treatment all together. Often they will find a comfortable position and allow the treatment to proceed until they have had enough. The treatment may trigger heightened emotions, tiredness or increased energy. Above all the animal may feel calm and relaxed with a sense of peace and wellbeing. After the treatment they will be given time to come round and drink some water while the outcomes are discussed.
After the treatment the animal must have access to plenty of water and be given the opportunity to rest.

About Us

Bluejay Rising offers reiki therapy services for animals and people.
I am a certified Usui Reiki Master currently offering treatment from my residence or mobile whereby sessions can be carried out on your premises or residence.
Alternatively, distance or absence reiki sessions can be performed if travelling or location is an issue.


Payment for treatments
Sessions can be carried out by the hour for a relaxing treatment, alternatively the practitioner may advise a course of several treatments.
The first session will always include an initial assessment and time to complete consent forms.
The fee for Reiki therapy services is £35 per hour. Payment plans can be arranged for treatment courses.

Payments can be made prior to appointments via bank transfer or by cash. Cancellations must be made up to seven days prior to the appointment, any cancellations thereafter are non refundable.


The first time I received reiki therapy from Kerry I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was an incredibly relaxing experience and I felt a great deal of calm during the session. Afterwards I felt much more energized and was lighter in myself, both at home and at work. It also helped relieve pains I'd been having in my stomach, and these have been much better,
even to this day.
My second session with Kerry had the biggest effect on me. I experienced less myself this time during the session and was tired afterwards, but the effect it had on me was immediately noticeable the next day. I felt much, much lighter and all of the heavy thoughts and feelings left me and my low mood lifted without any trace left behind. I was happy and cheerful and
almost couldn't believe how much of a difference the session had made.


During my Reiki session I felt warm and comfortable. I didn't know what to expect but the tingling sensations in my spine and neck were an enjoyable surprise.  Immediately afterwards I felt very relaxed and invigorated.
 The most useful part of the whole experience was Kerry’s feedback about what she discovered. It helped me to understand how some recent emotional struggles were affecting my physical well being (and vice versa)
 Since the session I've paid more attention to my emotions rather than ignoring them (in the hopes that they'll just go away).  This is not always easy or pleasant but it's interesting and worthwhile!   Thank you for your help


I was unsure when Kerry first told me about distance reiki as a method - and very similar questions to what my friends ask me now went through my head; such as how does normal reiki work - let alone distance reiki?, so I just sit there? But trusting Kerry like I do I thought I would give it a go. I did not expect to feel anything or if I am honest feel any benefit, however, I immediately felt a presence trying to calm and ground me, and then a warm feeling at different points - particularly areas that can cause me pain. I felt calm and relaxed throughout and time went very quickly.
Afterwards, areas that were causing me pain felt more relaxed and less painful. I struggle with shoulder and neck pain and this had lessened considerably.
I cannot recommend distance reiki enough. Kerry is calming and reassuring before and talks you through everything. 
- Kerri


Thank you very much for the wonderful reiki therapy Kerry. I felt uplifted and happier than before. I definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a caring reiki therapist xx 
- Gally


I received distance reiki from Kerry and it was a great experience. The treatment lasted around 45 minutes and I soon drifted into complete relaxation, to the point of sleeping. My fingers and toes tingled and I could feel my heart pumping through my body. Kerry's treatment certainly relaxed me; I slept so well afterwards and for the next few days as well.
- Matty


When Kerry asked me if I wanted to be one of her Reiki case studies, I was pleased but a little skeptical at first but I will open my mind to almost anything. When I had my first session she made me feel very calm & relaxed. I felt lighter & energized, my experience of the beautiful colours I saw were amazing, the pain in my weak ankle subdued for a few days, she asked me if I'd had any trouble with my stomach, which I thought I didn't at the time but unbeknown to me I found out later that I have a hiatus hernia. Afterwards she didn't make me feel rushed & any questions or queries that she didn't have an answer to.  Kerry has a great personality, has passion, very genuine care and I believe that she will go far with her Reiki, far beyond others.
- Martha